The Reports tab displays information on all your devices and racks. The page layout includes two tables (Overview and Top List) and a Google Map of your datacenters.

1. Overview
The overview gives a general overview of your racks and rack contents. For example, you can see the total number of live devices or broken down into rackmounts and power strips. You can also check for duplicate OS licence keys, serial and asset numbers as indicated in the table header (Errors/Warnings).

2. Top List
        The Top List is a breakdown of different dRACKula categories displaying the top occurances and their count.
3. Datacenter Map
        The Datacenter Map is a google map of your datacenters. The icons are the colors which you have configured when adding a datacenter. By default, this map is centered on the United States. You can either click the icon on the map or hover over the text to the left of the map to zoom into that particular datacenter. Clicking the Reset Map button will return the map to its original state.